Welcome to Torch River

Torch River Agricultural Corporation is a Saskatchewan agricultural corporation that farms on the principles established by our forefathers. Responsible farming, that applies a standard of excellence to all that we do, has resulted in the development of “The Torch River Standard”. This measure of excellence means we strive, on a daily basis, to produce extremely high quality crops while protecting the land for future generations. We apply the Standard throughout our operations; from procurement to planning, and from contract negotiations to community relations. And as we generate profits and grow as a business, this enables us to continue our support for the local community as both an employer, and as an enabler of charity and local community groups.

We carry out large-scale farming responsibly, and we devote a large amount of time and effort to caring for and protecting the land in our community so that it remains productive whilst generating profits. We’re proud of our standards and approach, and this is reflected in the high satisfaction levels shown by our loyal and long-standing high profile customers such as Malteurop, PepsiCo, Quaker, Cargill, Viterra and Bunge.

Our Mission